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Vietnam Smart Energy Hackathon 2019 is a contest organized by New Energy Nexus Southeast Asia (Nexus SEA) and SHTP Incubation Center (SHTP-IC), with the support from GIZ and other partners, to kickstart the smart energy entrepreneurship ecosystem in Vietnam.

It is a 24-hour problem-solving marathon where energy experts, software developers, business professionals and designers team up to tackle smart energy challenges head on with innovative software solutions.

We’ve got real challenges for you to hack, bottomless drinks, buffet line and mentors to keep your wheels spinning. Bring yourself, your team and the best ideas.

Welcome you all to Vietnam Smart Energy Hackathon!

Be ready to hack!

Solutions: We want to advance smart energy in Vietnam. We believe software will be a key enabler of the transformation of the global energy system. In this spirit we have designed our challenges. Your solution must be a software solution that addresses the challenge of your choice.

Original Code: Each Entry (Submission) must be original, of the Participant’s or Participant’s team’s own creation and must not have been entered in any other competition or program similar to the Hackathon.

Presentation: In addition to your creation that must be uploaded on DEVPOST by 11am June 2, 2019, all teams must deliver a 4 minute presentation for the judges and audience with no Q&A. If your team is selected as one of 10 finalists, your team will have the chance to deliver a 1 minute summary to judges with 4 mins of Q&A from the judges and audience.

Intellectual Property (IP): NEX and SHTP-IC do not claim any ownership of the IP teams submitted during the Smart Energy Hackathon, nor can we provide any protection of IP or sensitive material. You own what you produce at the Smart Energy Hackathon. We highly recommend you discuss the ownership of IP and division of prizes with your team members before the Hackathon begins.

Form a team

We recommend teams of 3-5 people with each member bringing different skills to the table

Find partners

If you are unable to find a team, don’t worry, Friday night’s kickoff will be the time to find your partner.

24 hours Marathon

You have 24 hours to run and hack!.

Submit an application

To participate, you MUST submit an application form by 23.59 on May 27th, 2019.

Our Prizes



  • Million VND



  • Million VND



  • Million VND

Challenge prizes

  • Million VND/ each


Participants are allowed to work on a smart energy challenge which is different with our listed one. However, the submission must be original and must not have been entered in any other previous competition or program similar to the Hackathon.
The term “Smart energy” refers to an intelligent integration of renewable energy sources for low/no-carbon generation (solar, wind, sustainable biomass, hydro etc), efficient distribution and transmission (smart and cross-border grids, energy markets, infrastructure etc) and efficient and optimal consumption (demand side management, storage, smart meters, prosumers etc) forming the future energy ecosystem.


Gamification of Energy Savings

Energy efficiency is the lowest cost solution which can lead to large reductions in our current energy consumption. This would in turn decrease our carbon footprint leading to a cleaner economy. Changing people's energy consumption behavior is the toughest challenge. Create an energy management platform that allows for tracking energy usage. With this energy usage data and digital platform, create a scheme that would lead to increase energy efficient actions in an office building / neighborhood or event compared to your neighbors. How would you visualize the data and what incentives would you provide to have people take action?


App for solar system design

Develop a user-friendly app or web-interface for rooftop solar that helps with the design of the system and the calculation of solar technical potential. The app can use artificial intelligence based on aerial photography (eg. satellite pictures/ drones) to produce the results. The key values and data will then be collected and used for making a quick calculation on the ideal optimal system. In the next step, the app should link to qualified certified solar installers or project developers in your city to send you quotes. Be open-minded and creative to decide which data you need and how the app works to add the best values to both clients and solar developers.


LIFECOST APP: Boosting Sales of Energy-Efficient Consumer Products

Across all classes of consumer products there are models already available for sale that consume significantly less energy over time – and save money over time – for the consumer. However, efficient products usually cost more to purchase up front, and this significantly discourages their sales.

To help retailers and manufacturers of energy-efficient products overcome this consumer behavior barrier, develop an app that displays – in meaningful and powerful ways – the lifetime cost of ownership of energy-hungry large purchases such as motorbikes and air conditioners. Consider defining, calculating and displaying easy-to-understand measures of total system cost such as “extra hours I need to work to pay for this motorbike versus that one”.


Financing energy efficiency (EE) investments

The #1 driver of EE investments for SMEs is EE investment returns. However, the investment returns are often considered too low for SMEs for a number of reasons:

- SMEs are seen with high credit risks by the banks hence increased costs of capital for the investments.

- The requirements from the banks are often too onerous for SMEs, increasing the transaction costs

- EE investments are often of lower priority than other business investment needs.

Therefore, there are public subsidies/sources of public funds to encourage SMEs to invest in EE measures. However, experience has shown that few SMEs are aware of these financial supports and often need convincing to utilize them effectively. Design a platform/application for SMEs that would be able to provide a demonstration of investment returns to different types of EE measures compared to their current baselines and connect the SME to appropriate sources of financial support available. The application should aim to also provide a platform for information requirements and feedbacks between the funders and SMEs to be displayed in a simple and effective manner. In the long term, the platform can aim to have the capability to generate industry- wide benchmarks based on the data collected.


Rooftop Solar Digital Marketplace Challenge

The Clean Energy Investment Accelerator (CEIA) is public-private partnership focused on improving opportunities for corporate clean energy purchasing in key markets including Vietnam.

One current challenge for commercial and industrial (C&I) energy users in Vietnam is a lack of easily accessible information and tools to explore and assess opportunities for rooftop solar PV solutions. Potential customers of solar need better access to information about their available procurement options, qualified solar providers, project costs and benefits and indicative quotes.

Develop a digital platform that would help businesses understand the benefits of installing rooftop solar and choosing a quality provider. Focus on the financial benefits, procurement/contracting options, and basic buyer-side Q&A's regarding rooftop solar PV systems. Also enable these customers to be able to choose from a number of solar installers based on price and quality. Consider all the different ways we can help to make this solar buying process easy and simple for these customers.


USAID Vietnam Low Emission Energy Program (V-LEEP)

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) is a critical segment within the solar industry to ensure PV plants operate at peak performance. Proper O&M planning and implementation can mitigate potential risks, improve the levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) and improve returns on investment. This is especially important for projects operating under Power Purchase Agreements. If plants produce less than expected output then O&M service providers are responsible to pay liquidated damages to Owners. In addition, plants that produce more power would generate higher revenues.

Develop a tool that calculates O&M Time and Material costs for all solar PV O&M maintenance. Ensure the tool shows a mount of increased in delivered power. The tools should then calculate the increase output and associated revenue to the expenses of such service and perform a cost/benefit analysis to allow Owners to decide on such O&M Services. Costs should include all aspects including Time and Materials, and “truck/team mobilization”.

To be used by O&M Contractors to properly price services and Investors, Financiers, Asset Owners, and Asset Managers to determine if a specific task is necessary and under what timing.

- Simulate O&M Task and calculate costs; Time and Materials

- Simulate Plant Performance with O&M Service conducted versus Plant Performance for service not conducted

- Calculate delivered and not delivered kWh’s and appropriate tariff

- Determine aggregated impact on Plant for deferred service

our mentors

our schedule

Pre Hackathon
12:00, 11 May (Saturday)
Registration Opens
23:59, 27 May (Monday)
Registration Closes
17:00, 28 May (Tuesday)
Participant Announcement
Day 01 - 31 May (Friday)
Hackathon Welcome
Day 02 - 01 June (Saturday)
Hackathon Kickoff
Day 03 - 02 June (Sunday)
Hacking Ends & Submission Deadline
13:00 - 14:30
Round 1: Teams pitch to Judges
15:00 - 17:00
Round 2: Teams pitch to Judges & QA (10 final teams)
18:00 - 20:00
Winner announcement & Award ceremony



1. Submit the application form by May 27, 23:59
2. Successful participants will be notified by email on May 28.
3. See you at BKHCM-UP Co-working Space, 268 Ly Thuong Kiet Str., District 10, HCMC (May 31 @18:00)